This is Why We Should Love the Mercury Retrograde. Yes, You Read it Right.

If you haven’t signed into Instagram in the last 72 hours then you may not know this but who are we kidding you probably have a tab open, 6 people deep. On October 31st we welcomed the one and only mercury retrograde – make sure you release your shoulders from your ears while talking about this, it’s a stressful one. Or is it? I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into the meaning behind the retrograde. Why does everyone hate her? What did she do to deserve this bad rep? I’ve probably done worse tbh. For those of you who don’t keep up with your astrology (??) the mercury retrograde happens 3 times a year – it basically looks like mercury, who is in control of communication, is rotating backwards. This illusion causes all of us to freak the fuck out because it’s said to expect frequent misunderstandings, scheduling problems and disagreements with friends. Honestly, that literally sounds like a normal day anyway.

I’m not going to lie though, I had a pretty crazy July retrograde. Basically what happened was there was no communication between myself and other people, things got brought up that I thought I hid and shit hit the fan. I was pretty nervous for this time around until I made a pretty cool self discovery. The universe only gives you what you can handle. Think about it, if we woke up with all the money we’ve ever wanted, and all the fame we ever wanted we genuinely would have no fucking clue what to do with it all and it wouldn’t last long term, and there’s nothing cute about an overnight success who blows all their money and is broke in 1 year.

I’ve discovered that this is why the mercury retrograde happens. Even though she comes at what seems like the worst time, right when we finally feel at peace from the last one. (It’s like our period that comes the day we leave for fucking Mexico. She’s annoying, but thank god we got it) She’s there because we’re about to have a major breakthrough, she’s honestly looking out for us. She’s making sure we actually payed attention last time around. If not – she’s going to knock some damn sense into us thats for sure. But if we did listen, then we’ve officially passed the test and get to move onto the chapter of our lives, whatever that may be.

Let’s get some examples here. The last retrograde I personally was having a lot of issues with my relationships. I wasn’t 100% sure if they were going to work out or last, I was having second guesses with me moving, and instead of using the lessons I learned the previous time, which was when something uncomfortable comes up you have to sit with your feelings and be honest with yourself. You have to face your problems head on by digging deeper, doing the dirty work of meditation, journaling, what makes you feel GOOD, not the easy way out which would be bottling up your emotions – I tried to block her out and party my way out of it and boy did she ever smack me right in the ass. Once the retrograde was over, I took a look back at the way I handled things and wanted to be buried under a rock, but did I ever learn my lesson. The last 2 months have been MAJOR for me and my personal growth. I’ve been trying my best to focus on myself and what my needs are, I’m realizing what’s important in my life, which is my relationships with people I love. I’m learning how to respond VS react. Heavy shit.

Now I’m not looking at the retrograde as something to fear…I’m genuinely excited because I truly believe that something incredible is coming. I can feel it. Plus, if we NEVER got tested on anything how would we even know we’re getting better? Like in school, the teacher needs to know you can count past 10 before you start doing fucking calculus? I mean hellllooo. Without these tests life would be so chaotic we wouldn’t even know what to do with ourselves. Take it day by day and try and get to a deeper meaning of why certain things are happening. Remember, everything happens for you not against you, she’s here to help us do some major revamping in our lives. Hold on tight because something amazing is just around the corner.

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