Feeling Uninspired? Try This.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I feel so un inspired lately, it was getting to the point where I was checking Pinterest 6 times a day just to feel something. Lame. You know what I mean though, when you’re feeling pretty motivated and it slowly starts to wear off, next thing you know your 6 vodka sodas deep on day 6 of your “alcohol cleanse” and ugh it just happened so fast.

I used to look at being uninspired as an excuse to go back into all of my old patterns. I always figured that I wasn’t on the right track to begin with if I’m already bored after a month or so, may as well just give up. What the hell kind of mindset is that. It’s why I’ve struggled with consistency so much, the moment things start feeling really good, my old self tries to come banging down the door getting me to go back, but this time I’m not having it. The last few days I decided to just stay off my phone, more specifically IG. As much as we love a good post, it was making me feel like I needed to have everything figured out in that instance and I couldn’t stop comparing myself to others, not physcially but in a way like why don’t I have that many comments on a photo, why don’t I have an ebook yet or a youtube channel wah wahhhh wah. So much complaining. So in order to get over my little detour here’s what I’ve been doing:

Accept & Release

It sounds like we’re at AA but no were not. Accepting the fact that you will always have moments where you’re unmotivated and uninspired, accepting that it’s just apart of the process. This is key for me and I’m currently working on it and it’s hard af. Take this as a sign to back off a little bit today, we can’t be go go go 24/7. Accept the fact that you’re feeling down and don’t try and fight it it’ll probably only get worse.

Go back to doing the things that make you happy…

For me that’s going on a long walk outside and jamming to r&b while pretending I’m performing in my head. I know you all do it so don’t judge. Also, cooking and facetiming my family/bf always puts me in a grand ol mood.

Take a step back…

My mom ALWAYS told me this growing up (while I was doing my homework lol) that if you’re stuck the best thing you can do is just take a break, even though it’s the last thing you want to be doing, just take a step back and let it go. My horoscope told me that nothing good comes from a mind that’s frantic and full of panic so like, it has to be true. Go relax, take a bath use that damn bath bomb already.

Do a morning routine…

Nothing brings you more clarity than alone time and sitting with your feelings. Looking to tap into those feelings? Throw on a meditation and journal your heart out first thing in the morning when your mind is at its most vulnerable and if you can’t do it first thing in the AM, any time will be better than not at all. Just start writing, stop feeling weird about your own feelings. Seriously, it makes 0 sense.

Taking a step back from things and just accepting the fact my mind needed a break has been a major game changer for me. I haven’t even looked at it this way until like, today when I finally felt inspired to write about it. See, good things will come out of it!!!

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