The Night Time Skincare Routine for People Who Don’t Know Skincare.

Click HERE if you don’t give a shit and just want to find out where to buy the products.

I’ve never had a facial and I’ve never spent over $50 on anything regarding skin, only makeup. I literally used clean and clear for years (thanks for the tip J-14 magazine!!) I didn’t even know that skin care could be toxic? Ignorance really is bliss. But now that I’m in Korea I don’t really have a choice and I have to say, it’s really been growing on me I honestly think it’s just the cute packaging here that gets me. I never really had bad skin growing up, but I’ve always been relatively healthy and I’m a firm believer that the key to good skin comes from what you put in your mouth. But with everything in life we’re never satisfied unless things are perfect which is why we need some extra TLC when it comes to our largest organ.

You might be disappointed with my skincare routine I’m just warning you. It’s nothing that exciting, I don’t use 5 serums and 8 creams because basically I’m poor? Ya girls got loans to pay off so I have to keep it reasonable here.

Let’s say it’s 7:30PM. Because I’m an actual grandma, this is when I start winding down for bed (sleep is also key to great skin people) so I can be in bed for 9:30PM.


So this actually starts from the moment you wake up. I don’t care how you do it, figure out a way to drink 2L. You put your skin through so much every single day, you need to keep it hydrated. You can spend all the money you want on facials but until you start treating your body right from the inside out I guarantee it won’t last long term.


I actually exfoliate every single night before bed. I feel like that’s what people used to tell you not to do? But after doing more research I’ve been reading its actually recommended so HA. I personally feel like my skin needs it, theres so much pollution that gets built up every day in our pores – from our damn cell phones to the UV lights at work, that I feel a normal cleanser just cant get to it. I even stopped using a normal cleanser a few months ago LOL. I only use this scrub because I find it works wonders with my skin, I know every product says it’s going to make your skin glow but I feel like this one actually works. There’s nothing better than feeling like you got all the crap out of your pores. If you think I’m crazy, here’s an article from one of the top Korean beauty brands – Glow, recommending that if exfoliating every day works for your skin, go for it.

Step #3: TONER

Okay, I swear by toning. The amount of makeup that gets left on my face actually leaves me mind blown. Toner makes my skin feel squeaky fucking clean. This Korean Brand – Tony Moly – is new. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I have to say I am a fan, it feels really smooth on my skin and doesn’t burn like past toners. I don’t notice any dramatic changes yet but it does the trick so I can’t complain, unfortunately I can’t find a link to it online because I bought it in the actual store here in Korea so you’re on your own.


I still genuinely don’t know what this is supposed to do or how to pronounce it but it’s been a buzzword in the beauty community so you know I have to try it. This one was around $25 which is super cheap compared to anything at Sephora. I’ve been using this for over 3 months now and have noticed redness and blotches going down. Also, it just makes me feel like I know what I’m doing.


This thing changed my life. It’s literally the best thing ever, it gives you cheekbones sharper than Gisele Bundchen. Always roll up, gravity is pulling our skin down constantly, not even botox can stop gravity just accept it. I use it right after my serum to really lock it into place. I forgot to take a picture of it but it’s linked at the bottom of this page.


Laugh all you want, but there’s a reason your grandmother uses this shit. It’s honestly the only skin product I’ve re-boughten (on 4 occasions) I NEVER re-buy products unless I’m obsessed with them and this one is definitely up there not to mention it’s cheap af. I use this moisturizer at nighttime as a last step, I put it all over my face, neck and chest. I have extremely dry skin so I use a really thick cream at night for bedtime. For all of you people who would never buy a skin product at a drug store, just have an open mind okay. It doesn’t have to be from Sephora to be worthy (even though the packaging at sephora is way cuter)

So there you have it. My very simple, underwhelming night time skin routine. There’s soooo many products that I want to try and would love to have but at the time they’re just out of my price range…I’m talking to you La Mer….I wish my skincare looked cooler but you know what, it works for me so I guess that’s what matters? I will mention once again that I truly believe that what you put in your mouth is the greatest skincare regiment there is. Drink up bish.

If you are interested in trying any of these products I’ve put them all in my amazon store here. I think the most expensive one was $25…..happy shopping. Don’t forget to HMU with your fave skincare products below so I can share them!! There’s no better feeling than recommending a product that someone ends up loving.


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