This Is Why You Need to Get in Touch With Your Feminine Side, ASAP.

Why is it that people have associated the word feminine with weakness and negativity? Like, hellooooo we literally introduce new life into this world? How is that not the most AMAZING thing you’ve ever heard? I’ve realized that for a good chunk of my life, I’ve done everything I could to make sure I seemed more masculine, emotionally. The way I flirt even (aka being rude to someone, and this isn’t just the Aquarius coming out in me) distant, cold, never showing my true self, or being playful because I don’t want to be seen as too girly? You know what I mean, holding in our feelings, thinking we have to be emotionless and distant for the opposite sex to find us attractive. Because God forbid, we show our vulnerable side. But WHY is being a girly a bad thing? 2020 is the year of stepping into our feminine power people, and I’m here to explain this misconception that we always need to have our guard up to be successful in life. Girl or guy, you gotta have a balance of both – and no I don’t mean RuPal vibes.

What’s considered feminine?

Okay so this is a great place to start. What even IS feminine energy? If you’re into the chakras at all, feminine energy is located in the 2nd chakra sort of where you get period cramps (how fitting) it corresponds with the feelings of creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, and vulnerability. I like to think of femininity as playful, gentleness, grateful, sweet, giving, caring, nurturing, etc. Think of being a mother, we need these traits for our children to literally survive.

What’s considered masculine?

Another great question, lets’s think back to the whole persona that men think they have to portray. Tough, emotionless, courageous, brave, independent, disregard for responsibility. Think of any guy you know, how many of them were brought up being told that crying/expressing their feelings is considered weak/girly? TOO MANY. For those of us in relationships, this can be an extreme pain in the ass. Side note: I’m not shitting on men here, we literally need masculine traits to survive. I’m happy we have them, but it’s all about finding a balance in both masculine and feminine energy. It’s the yin to the yang people, they create polarity and attraction.

How do I start embracing my feminine side?

Feminine energy is all about embracing the now and letting things just “be”. It’s about letting things come to you vs masculine is all about “go out there and get it”. To embrace the feminine side we’ve got to get more in touch with the now. Here’s a few examples on how to embrace your feminine side and stop thinking that that you can only succeed with a hard working/never stopping/no pain-no gain attitude because it’s obviously not true anymore.

  1. Meditate – what better way to get in the present moment than meditating. I’ll say it now and over again, the benefits of this are unmeasurable.
  2. Focus on what makes you happy – start making it your goal to figure out what makes you feel happy/light/pure joy. All feminine traits.
  3. Dance more – the one thing that robots will never be able to do…dance. Embrace your amazing body and all that it does, mOVE IT. Like you literally introduce new life into the world with this body you’ve been given.
  4. Eat more orange – okay so before you roll your eyes. Orange is the colour of the 2nd chakra that represents feminine and sensual energy, one way to add more is to literally eat more orange things. Get your carrots washed and prepped girls.
  5. Spend more time in nature – nature is vibrating at such a high frequency, it’s already obvious that being outside in fresh air, near water, plants/flowers raise our vibrations and make us in a better mood. This helps put us in a much better mood resulting to us being nicer, more caring, all that good feminine energy.

Like I said before, in no way am I bashing men here. I’m a firm believer that we need a balance of both to live life to the fullest. There isn’t one that’s better than the other. You’re the one who gets to choose what you label it as. Start getting rid of that label and go with how it makes you feel. You’ll be surprised at what happens.

Still Confused?

Don’t worry, I’m still learning every day about this stuff. It can be a bit overwhelming + confusing. Try giving these podcasts a listen:

  1. The Highest Self Podcast – Sahara Rose
  2. Your Own Magic Podcast – Raquelle Mantra

4 thoughts on “This Is Why You Need to Get in Touch With Your Feminine Side, ASAP.

  1. Absolutely! Leaning into your femininity doesn’t mean denouncing masculinity in the slightest. Labels are the worst. (I ranted about this on my blog as well, haha.) Bottom line: I love this revelation for you! You are such a lovely human. Thank you for sharing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you so much for reading it! It’s such an amazing thing to finally realize!! Going to go read yours now ❤ ILY.


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