Finding The Joy in Being ‘Lost’ With TikToker Taylor Dudley

For all my millennial readers you may or may not be on TikTok. But for all my gen z readers I KNOW you’re already on it scrolling up a storm. Being the ‘96 baby that I am I was hesitant at first when it came to downloading the app – but I’m so happy that I did. I was honestly just mindlessly scrolling on my FYP wondering if cream cheese on bell peppers actually tasted as good as that girl says it does when I came across Taylor’s page. This girl loves tarot cards, knows her birth chart inside out, and opens up about her spirituality journey – so I immediately became attached because duh.

Recently, I’ve really dived into my spirituality and what it means to me. Astrology has been something I’ve always loved. When I was younger I would go right to the horoscope section in every issue of cosmo. It gives me a better understanding of myself, why I do the things I do, how I love, process emotion, even how I comprehend different situations life throws at me. It also gives me a deeper insight into the people around me. It gives me a sense of security and safety. It’s still considered a little crazy to some but to each their own, right?

To dive a little more into the power of the universe and her spiritual journey I wanted to bring Taylor on the blog to answer a few questions. So whether or not you enjoy reading your daily horoscope, or even own a pack of oracle cards (or somewhere in between) this post has so much insight and is honestly just so refreshing to talk to someone who shares such an optimistic outlook on life. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

I found your account on TikTok and fell in love. Your outlook on life is so inspiring and just straight up good vibes. What pushed you to start sharing your spiritual journey on TikTok?

I honestly think what pushed me was just how important and how much spirituality is a part of me. It just comes so easy for me to talk about that. I never want to be the person to push my views on others, but spirituality helped me feel less alone and discover myself more. That is one of my goals. I want people to not feel as alone as I did at one point in my life. I think discovering spirituality, however you find it, can change your outlook on life. It can help you discover more of who your true soul self is! Everyone has a gift and everyone has a purpose and I want to help others discover that.

You just started a podcast, you have a TikTok account with over 100K followers…what fears did you have to overcome to begin sharing this part of your life on social media? How did you overcome them? How do you handle any negativity?

I feel like my ENTIRE life I’ve been an over-sharer hahaha. I love talking, I love sharing and I love being open and transparent. I have always been told that I am ~relatable~. I feel like I’ve always been extremely open with what I am going through on social media, now that I have this beautiful following and some type of platform, it does feel a bit different…. but in a good way. I think my biggest fear is being judged and I won’t lie, this is something I struggle with! I still struggle with being confident in what I have to say, being confident in what I post. I sometimes think too much about what I’m posting. This is so silly because I just have to remind myself that life isn’t supposed to be taken as seriously as it is. This is my life and I am going to post what I want when I want! Who really cares, right? I have this one life to make social media fun and have fun with it and connect with others. It’s not about the following, it’s not about the likes. I really don’t care about that stuff. What I care about is having a platform where people feel comfortable. I want to have a platform where people feel safe and that they have at least that one person they can connect with. People are gonna be mean and say what they have to say, but that is a reflection of how they feel on the inside and not a reflection of me!! I, for the most part, haven’t had to deal with a ton of negativity (thank you because my heart is too sensitive for that!!). I think the most negativity I receive is on tik tok. Just little comments here and there. Sometimes though, those little comments do get to me! How wouldn’t they, you know? Just remember if someone is being nasty and mean and negative towards you, that’s a reflection of themselves and how they feel about themselves not you love bug. Gotta keep doing you and embrace the love you do get! That’s what matters.

Spirituality can be so overwhelming, not to mention confusing AF. If someone wanted to begin a spiritual practice, where would you tell them to start? Any other tips?

Okay first baby you got this. It’s gonna be overwhelming, you’re gonna feel alone and like no one gets you and that you’re real fucking crazy sometimes. Trust the process. Start looking at your birth chart. Dig deep into that beautiful chart of yours. I firmly believe that you need to really start getting to know your true self before anything on your spiritual journey. You don’t need to figure out who you are or what your purpose is right away. (I am still very much so working on this!!!). Discovering who you are means learning certain boundaries you need to have. Discovering who you are is figuring out what YOU believe in and what your truth is. What makes your soul feel like sunshine. It’s a process, but I think it’s a beautiful start. Something that also helped me is learning to be alone and enjoy solitude. Learning to recharge myself when needed. I also think another great start is working on your shadow self! “The ‘shadow’ is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having.” You can work on your shadow self by journaling, going to therapy, mediation and there are so many other tools that might work specifically for you and your unique soul. Figure out what works best for you to heal the parts of you that deserve to be healed. 

How do you like to begin your day? Drop that morning routine girl. 

Is it HORRIBLE to admit that sometimes (a lot of the time) I am horrible at routines!? I will say that is something I want to work on. I will also say that there are a few certain things that made me enjoy mornings and how I became a morning person. 

1. I get kinda excited the night before a new day and tell myself that anything can happen. Magic and miracles happen every day. I get to live and love another day! I get to get that much closer to my dreams, to my soulmate! How exciting. 

2. Keeping water right by my bed. Just do it girllll. You’re gonna feel so good having a nice gulp of water right when you wake up.

3. Trying to wake up at least an hour or earlier before I actually have to do something. I used to do this thing where I would wake up 10 minutes before school and feel so rushed and I wasn’t being present! You will be a lot less stressed if you aren’t waking up 10 minutes before you have to do something. 

4. Saying morning affirmations to myself! I am thankful for another day. I am thankful for being alive and healthy. I am divine. I am getting closer and closer to my dreams every day. Little cute affirmations like that. If you wanna wake up saying you’re the baddest, sexiest bitch that there is, do it. If you wanna use Ariana Grande song lyrics as affirmations, do it!!!! Thank u, next ! so FUCKING GRATEFUL!!!

Your social media touches on ‘feeling lost’, having no idea what the next step is going to be. How do you get yourself out of a rut? 

I used to look at being lost as a bad thing. (ego still tells me that it is a bad thing a lot of the time still) but I had to look at it as being lost is beautiful. We aren’t supposed to know what we are doing. I think the fear of being lost comes from when we were little, we were constantly told what to do and kind of how life should be. Then we grow up, we’re suddenly told to figure it out……… okay well I just had YEARS of someone telling me what to do and now I have to figure out who I actually am without my parents/society/friends telling me who I am or what I should be? TERRIFYING. I don’t think it has to be terrifying. I think that is the most perfect time in all the confusion to finally realize that this is your life and your reality. You can make whatever you want of it. Your parents aren’t going to be here forever to tell you what to do. Does anyone REALLY know what they are doing or what’s going on? We only feel lost because society tells us we have to live a certain way. We don’t. Everyone is lost because life doesn’t have one meaning or purpose. You make it how you want to.

2 words: tarot cards. I have become so obsessed with tarot readings, literally doing them via youtube. Where did your passion for these things stem from? 

I for sure started watching “pick a card” videos on youtube LOL. I just thought they were cool and I really loved how someone could just read a card and then tell me exactly how the fuck I was feeling?????? I started to really connect with the cards through the videos and I think I just got the feeling or message from my guides that I was supposed to read cards. I just felt SO called to tarot and oracle cards! I always knew I could read people and I think that tarot cards are a beautiful tool to help my intuitive gift even more. I try not to depend on my cards for myself though. I think it is so important to always remember that your intuition is the best gift/tool that you have! Listen to her. She truly knows what’s up.

Finish the sentence: “Happiness is…”

Being exactly who you need to be for yourself and not others.

Must-read book:

One day my soul just opened by Iyanla Vanzant <3333 Also the power of your subconscious mind. Both are lovely.

Lastly, where can readers find you on social media?!

You can find your girl on…

Instagram: divinefemine17

TikTok: peachybooty17

Twitter: peachybooty17

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