Quick + Easy Meal Ideas.

The only time I like the words quick and easy together is when we’re talking about food. (Honestly the only time it should be allowed together) I figured it’s time I share what my typical day in the kitchen looks like for me, literally no-one asked, I just felt like it.

As you all know I hopped on that fasting bandwagon a while ago and never looked back, eating when I’m hungry is what I’m all about, surprisingly a lot easier to do than you think. I should mention that all the examples I’m about to give happen on a good day, I have weeks where I’m on track 5-6 days and have one treat on the weekend, and I also have weeks where I eat popcorn, 6 kinds of cheeses, Tostito’s with salsa 4 nights per week. It’s all about realizing when you’re starting to feel shitty – when it’s time to reign it in and have some self discipline. We do have to be realistic here, we should never restrict ourselves of anything, and you should always let yourself have a treat but you have to be mindful about what your body wants. Eating donuts, deep fried pickles and pizza 7 days a week doesn’t mean you “love yourself”, because if you really loved yourself you would want to treat your body to those nutritious, healthy foods because you know that’s what fuels it and makes you feel awesome – and then treat yourself to a donut when you feel like it. Balance people, balance. As every mother in the world would say “Everything’s fine in moderation” and they know everything so.

Morning: 7-10AM

Because I only eat when I’m actually hungry I don’t typically eat until early afternoon. But I always, always start off drinking lots of water, we are so dehydrated after we just deprived our bodies for 7 + hours with absolutely no H2O in our body. Not to mention that morning coffee dehydrates you 10000x more. Before I even touch the caffeine I drink about a litre of water, you all know I could go on about the benefits of water so if you haven’t already read this: (https://stillinprogress.org/2019/01/11/the-obvious-beauty-tip-we-all-love-to-ignore/)

After water comes the fun part – coffee. I’m lucky and started off drinking it black so I’ve never had to force myself to like the taste of it. About 2-3 times per week I’ll drink black coffee with a pump of MCT oil (https://stillinprogress.org/2019/01/28/mct-oil-fasting/)

Not going over that again but yeah it’s great, I also recently found out that anything that doesn’t raise your insulin during your fasting is technically allowed during intermittent fasting, so drink up! Also loving the bulletproof coffee some days, which includes MCT oil + Ghee (clarified organic butter AKA butter without the milk solids. It’s simply the fat and water) the ghee is added to help slow down the absorption of coffee which basically means, no crash.

Early Afternoon: 12-1PM

Before the gym I love having some chia pudding topped with berries + nuts. Sounds odd but such a great alternative to oatmeal which I used to eat every morning until I realized it wasn’t really doing much for me. There’s a reason these little guys have become so popular, they’re rich in soluble fibre which benefits blood sugar control, cholesterol levels and gut health. Which is a whole other post in itself.

  • 2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
  • 1 TBSP pecans or walnuts
  • 1/2 Cup Blueberries
  • 1/2 Plain Kefir (probiotic milk)
  • 1/2 Cup Water (or coconut milk if I’m in the mood)
  • Add together and sit in fridge for 20 mins so the chia seeds get nice n plump

Post Workout/Supper: 3-7 PM

Wish I could say there was some super secret meal I eat for my late lunch/supper but its very simple. Protein, lots of veggie’s + healthy fats with an olive oil based dressing (remember I said this was a good day)

I’ve eaten a few chicken wings here and there (I know you’ve all seen that snap) but have yet to buy it at the grocery store. Absolutely love any type of seafood for my protein aka salmon, haddock (apologize to your roomies in advance it reeks), shrimp, canned tuna and lots of eggs. One thing I’ve started to really pay attention to is the quality, when you can help it make sure your protein isn’t coming from some disgusting factory farm where they pump it full of antibiotics and god knows what else. You are what your meat eats.

Next step is adding the healthy fats, I do this by, you guessed it, eating the only healthy fat everyone knows of and that is of course avocado. I usually eat half an avocado a day (super important stat about me!) – topped with some olive oil + apple cider vinegar you’ve got yourself a great home made dressing. I get some more healthy fats from eating salmon, the organic olive oil in the dressing or nuts.

Of course after a couple days I start craving the starchy carbs and that’s why I love baking sweet potato’s. And yes people, I do eat bread sometimes I am human. I just don’t eat it everyday because I don’t feel that amazing when I do.

Lots of veg is key. The best part about veg is eating as much as you want to because all it is the good stuff. I love roasting asparagus, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Having those tossed on a bed of greens is actually so much better than you would think. I also hate how I said veg.

Nighttime: 9 PM +

Here’s where it gets good. I don’t care who you are – the moment the clock strikes 9 PM its like someones ringing a bell in the kitchen saying dinners ready. Snack time is the best time but you really do have to be careful, eating too much too late can really affect your sleep and sleep is literally just as important as water. I try and avoid it as best as I can by having a cup of tea/drinking water even attempting to go to bed a bit earlier, but some nights you just have to dive in. If I have a late night snack it usually includes more berries and plain yogurt with some almond butter…or a wheel of brie, 2 baguettes, a 5 cheese dip and bruschetta. There is no in between.

This is what a typical day does look for me, as we all know your girl loves to indulge I just try to make sure I’m actually excited for it. It’s the worst when you eat a chocolate bar because someone just gave it to you and you know you didn’t want it, you just ate it because it was there. UGH! No one knows your own body like you do, maybe you were really craving that chocolate bar?! It’s better to just eat it if you’re thinking about it all day because as we all know restriction ends up eating everything and then the food you were restricting. The final thing I want to add before I shut up is that food is put on this earth for you to enjoy, could you imagine not having tastebuds – life would not even be worth living? (Actually though) Treat yourself but also fuel yourself, eating processed crap every meal is the absolute opposite of loving yourself. It’s actually just shortening your life span. Eat what you know is going to make you feel the best version of yourself and just because something works for someone doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. So put down the 14 day juice cleanse because no one likes a hangry bitch.


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    1. Erin! Thank you so much ❤ Knowing you enjoyed it keeps me motivated to write more. Anything else you would like to read about?


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