Why Do Sunday’s Get All The Self Love?

Have you ever looked around your room and found that amazing Lush face mask you forgot you had, or that $60 body lotion you don’t really use, or even those reallllly expensive leather booties you’ve been dying to wear to that one event but just haven’t found the right event? Because same.

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t use their fave face mask because I feel guilty for “wasting” it. If this sounds familiar just keep reading. This has got to stop. After taking a step back I was realizing that I only let myself use nice and expensive things when I felt like I deserved it. What is up with that! Why can’t I use my products whenever the hell I want to. I realized that not only was I wasting my hard earned money on that product but I was also slowly destroying my self confidence at the same time.

For the longest period of time I would only have a bath, put on a face mask, get my nails done if I had a major event or party coming up. Like any woman (or man) those are things I absolutely love doing, the feeling you get after a long hot bath using that lush bath bomb you’ve been holding onto for over 2 months is seriously so therapeutic, so why do we only do these things when we feel like we absolutely have to? As if there is no other option? It’s like we’re constantly telling ourselves we don’t deserve to use certain things, when in reality we should be pampering and taking care of ourselves more than anyone else! The only person you have at the end of the day is you.

When you constantly find yourself telling yourself no, in your subconscious mind you’re basically saying that you’re not worthy of using it today. Do you realize how f’ed up that is? Your amazing, hard working, gorgeous body that constantly carries you throughout the day (the literal reason you are reading at this very moment) we put it through god knows what, and when we sort of want to treat ourselves you tell yourself no? We have to stop this. It’s been around forever but I’m gunna say it. Your body is a freakin TEMPLE. It is actually astounding when you think of it, right down to your lungs that keep you breathing and your liver for flushing out all the toxins it keeps you alive at this very moment and we all take advantage of this every single day.

The word selfish should not be viewed in a negative context, yes there are obviously some loopholes in that sentence like we should all share and be nice blah blah blah, but I’m talking about taking care of yourself. Staying in certain nights to read or cook instead of going out, taking that hot bath, USING THAT $60 FACE MASK. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, it can be as simple as going to the library and renting out a book, buying a new candle from the dollar store, anything that brings the smallest bit of joy into your day you should be doing more of. So next time when you’re feeling a little off, when you feel like taking a me day but you have to wait until “Self Care Sunday” you better cancel all your plans, surround yourself with things and people you love and for god’s sake use that body lotion you’ve been holding on to.

From the wise words of RuPal: “If You Can’t Love Yourself How In The Hell Are You Gonna Love Somebody Else?” 

Need Some Lovin?

  • HOT BATH (the saviour) add the epsom salts, stop being cheap.
  • Go for a nice walk without music and actually just take in the surroundings, you’d be surprised at how nice it actually feels.
  • Hot shower and lather up with your absolute favourite moisturizer who cares if its only 3 PM.
  • Slumber party w. your friends.
  • Drink the glass of wine. It won’t kill you.
  • Read or listen to a good podcasts, aka learn something new.
  • Start thinking of all the things you have to be grateful for, and if you can’t think of any start with the fact your body is freaking working right now. You’re somehow reading this? Thank god you have vision because some people don’t.

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