Well can I just say first off thank you for even reading this. I mean really thank YOU. The fact you’re even reading this sort of blows my mind it’s sort of like this little secret club we get to hang out in and talk about all that deep, thoughtful, mushy stuff you don’t even want to talk about with your best friends.

It all started around my 4th and final year of  university, that time in your life where you can’t have a conversation with anyone unless its revolved around: “So what are you doing next year?” Listening to people talk about going to grad school, already having jobs lined up made me feel physically ill, the thought of sitting in a cubicle for the rest of my life is literally my biggest nightmare. I felt like I had to have some set in stone plan too all at the ripe age of 22. If I didn’t have a job lined up were people going to think I’m stupid? If I move back home are people going to think less of me? One thing these thoughts have in common, they were ALL based on what other people thought of me. I never once sat down and asked myself what’s best for me, what do I want to do?  I was so caught up on trying to impress people that it completely got in the way of my well being. 

My entire life I’ve been told the things I’m interested in would never really get me anywhere. Beauty, fashion, health, fitness, constantly wanting to improve myself physically and mentally…just because I’m not into math and science is my life destined for failure? Who TF came up with that rule. 

This is for everyone out there who knows that they want more out of life they just can’t quite put their finger on it. I know personally I’ve came across so many amazing lifestyle blogs that have given me so much inspiration but have also left me feeling more lost and even more envious. I couldn’t find one that I 100% related to.

All of these posts are things I’ve learned and continue to learn throughout this whole self discovery thing. So tips and tricks are more than welcome, but don’t be bitchy.