Your Posture is Effecting Your Personal Growth

One of my new years resolutions/intentions was to fix my posture. Sounds super basic right? WRONG. Something that seems so minuscule is actually affecting your subconscious without you even knowing. Be ready to have your mind blown. I know I always say that but whatever. I’ve been extra mindful since the beginning of 2020 looking at all aspects of my life and how I can better them. One of these areas is my posture. I noticed that when I’m walking my shoulders are slightly hunched forward and I low-key stick my lower stomach out (not cute lmao) I’ve been making a conscious effort to keep my chin up and shoulders back because man, does it ever make a difference. But where did these bad habits come from? I started questioning why I was doing these things, and the insight I gained was pretty ma f*ckin crazy. (resolution #13842 – swear less)

I didn’t even clue in that this was my body’s way of making myself seem smaller, to make sure I wasn’t getting in anyone’s way, I didn’t want to make myself stand out anymore than I have to. But why? I’m trying to build my confidence, I’ve been working on personal growth for like a year now, I’m starting to realize my true worth yet I’m physically not representing anything that I’ve been learning. I’ve come to realize our environment is literally effecting the way we think of ourselves without our awareness. Think about it, you go to work and sit in a cubicle or at a desk in a square room for 8 hours, then we go home to our square room/apartment and sit up on a rigid chair with our legs at 90 degrees to eat dinner and then we lay down completely horizontal to sleep – we repeat this day in and day out, all without ever bending down completely. Somewhere in between this we’re sitting down on a chair with our necks and shoulders hunched over playing with our iphones.

Why is it that maybe 80% of our grandparents have fallen and broken a hip? Why is it our biggest fear for our elders is to make sure they don’t fall? Why is it that we’re always sitting up on chairs with our legs at 90 degrees when it’s technically the most “unnatural” way of sitting? When was the last time you ever sat cross-legged on the floor and not felt like your legs were going to fall off after 10 minutes? Our bodies are literally meant to bend in this way, it’s more un-natural for us to never be bending down and climbing onto huge beds and giant chairs than it is for us to be sitting on the floor, opening our hips up and stretching out our legs. Maybe if we still sat on the floor for dinners (like we used to for thousands of years, and they still do here in Korea) broken hips and falling wouldn’t be the biggest fear for anyone over the age of 55.

Did you know that scoliosis is most commonly found in tall, teenage/adult women (almost double) vs men. The bending of the spine, although genetics obviously play some part, don’t you find it interesting how women have been told for hundreds of years to portray themselves as small, petite, fragile, crossing their legs, literally forced to curtesy when meeting a man (what do you do when you curtsey? You’re literally bending over and shrinking to seem smaller) Women for SO LONG have been told that being tall is manly and that its not hot if a girl is taller than a guy or physically bigger?

Do you see where I’m going with this? The way we carry ourselves physically with our posture is an exact representation of the way we feel about ourselves emotionally, even when you don’t even realize it. It’s just what we’ve been told our whole lives and are conditioned to. You know when someones trying to take a photo of you and you really don’t want it taken so you sort of hunch over, turn around, your spine completely twists. That’s your body’s reaction to saying no and feeling unconfident, it’s so crazy to think of it in this way. Your body twisting and trying to hide because it feels un-confident, timid and shy. So start being more mindful of your posture, it plays a way bigger part than you think it does. This can be another tool in your toolbox to help you move into the person you want to become. I’m assuming your most amazing self isn’t sitting all hunched over, shoulders up in her ears. She’s energized, long, flexible, open, confident! Seriously, look up the benefits of sitting cross legged on the floor, there’s a reason we’ve done it for thousands of years.

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