GTFO of Your Own Way.

I’m not sure if its the fact I’ve been spending so much time alone but I started getting so curious as to why people think they can’t live the life that they want. Why are we always so unsure of our decisions? Why are we always coming up with some kind of excuse as to why we can’t have this or that? My go to was that I’ll never have it, just because – no actual reason I’ll just never have it, like my dream life didn’t actually happen to normal people like me. I started really thinking about this and it infuriated me. What happened to me in my life that makes me unable to achieve this? What makes other people so special that they just got to wake up and live this life I wanted.

Well the first realization was that no-one just wakes up and has this wonderful beautiful life where they’re happy all the time and constantly fulfilled. Contrary to popular belief, Kylie Jenner doesn’t even have this…like maybe her circumstances with money were easier but she could have easily laid in bed and partied instead of starting a business – Kris Jenner is literally my inspo don’t @ me. Life can still suck if you have money people. For me, my definition of living your best life is to wake up every day feeling excited, fulfilled and motivated to do what you absolutely love doing. It’s not money, it’s not travel, those are all short term whether you want to believe it or not. Think about how excited you were when you got that new iPhone now you hardly even care about it, think about how excited you were to go on a trip or backpack the world? Now that it’s over are you still just as excited about life? Certain experiences can help transform the way you view the world, but at the very end of the day it all comes down to mindset and what you tell yourself.

This isn’t meant to be a depressing post FYI. This post is about the recent discovery I had where for the first time in my life I’ve found what makes me really happy. I’ve been working on my mindset for about a year now and I have to say that the most important thing I learned is how you talk to yourself. I sound like a broken record but I need you to understand how life changing it is. These people who have our “dream lives” weren’t just handed it, they worked hard for it. It’s just so much easier for people to think they were handed it so we can feel a little bit better that we’re not there yet. They stopped trying to please other people and focused on themselves and their own happiness, they wrote down what brings them complete joy and started doing more of it – they figured out ways to make a living out of that thing. The reason they’re so successful is because they are doing what makes them happy, they love themselves SO much that decided they couldn’t stand to live a life with anything but pure joy and happiness. When you put that love out into the world the universe will have your back, things will start falling into place.

Do you think Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk stand in the mirror telling themselves they look fat or that they’re incapable of figuring something out because they’re stupid? I’m going to go with a no. It’s crazy to think that the only reason you think you’re incapable is because YOU tell yourself you are. No ones sitting on the sidelines yelling at you everyday saying you’re an idiot, it is literally YOU – the one person you’re forced to be with at every second of every day, so STOP talking badly about yourself, gtfo of your own way.

Write down what makes you happy. Is it photography? Do you love working out? Do you love cooking? If you’re like me and started off by saying “well nothing makes me that happy” then figure out ways to tap into that side of yourself. Start journaling, start reading self help books, put in that effort. Be patient.

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