Finding Balance.

Is it just me or is everyone else just completely confused with how we’re supposed to be living our life right now. One minute I’m reading that I should be taking bubble baths 4x a week, reading 8 books at a time, writing down my goals 3x a day, blowing money on massages/facials when I’m sad, meditating, attending pilates, drinking celery juice, being vegan, then keto, then going in an infra red sauna and I literally can’t keep up. I’m exhausted just reading this.

Finding balance is so hard. Like really effing hard. I find I’m at the point now where sometimes I’ll feel guilty for relaxing because I just listened to a podcast that said I should be getting up at 5AM to watch the sunrise or I wont be successful. Do you not find that all of this information we keep taking in is sooo contradicting? Like, in order to be a millionaire you have to invest in real estate, live like your broke for 5 years, invest, invest, invest, but then there’s the whole “you only live life once”, go take that vacation, go travel, you may not get the chance when you’re older, life gets in the way. WTF am I supposed to do with that?! People look down on you if you have the corporate job, and they’ll look down on you if you want to be an entrepreneur. The one thing I’ve realized – nobody knows what they’re doing. I’m serious, living with this mindset has helped me so much. No matter how smart someone is, no one has lived your life. It’s YOURS. Noone on this earth is the exact same as you. It’s sort of hilarious to think that we’re all just a bunch of atoms formed together to make up a physical body, like attracts like and not everyone likes the same things so why do we try so hard to make sure people like us and our ideas. If someone likes the same things as you you will be pulled together at one point or another.

So the next time you find yourself feeling guilty for not spending $120 on a facial, having a lazy Sunday watching 43298 movies with your friends, drinking a tad bit more than we should so you’re going to order that pizza today because you’re hung? Just do it, and honestly get extra cheese. No one is living your life, no one has all the answers. The only thing that matters is YOU. Follow your gut and make decisions for yourself not because you read it on some instagram caption. I think the one thing we can all agree on is no one wants to live everyday feeling guilty for doing things they want to do. Not everyone wants to own an 8 figure business, and that is perfectly ok. I think we should all just focus on ourselves and what makes us feel good.

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