5 Tips to Get Rid of Everyday Anxiety.

So first off I’m no doctor, it’s always best to talk to a licensed professional about these sorts of things if you can’t seem to get control over it. What I’m talking about here is that type of anxiety that we get everyday…you know what I mean…walking into a new workout class alone, maybe your first real tinder date (because who actually runs into their long lost lover at a coffee shop), starting a new job, basically anything you haven’t done before? Because let’s get real here, anxiety is basically the fear of the unknown.

I also want to clarify that this feeling is totally normal, every person known to man has experienced anxiety and will continue to experience anxiety their entire lives. It’s all about how you learn to deal with it. Side note: Everyone is different. Some people need medication and some people can control it on their own. Both are perfectly fine.

Down below are a few lil tips I’ve used to block that obnoxious feeling out, because we can NOT have this ruining our future plans to take over the world amirite.

  1. Affirmations/Mantras

So much more powerful than you give it credit for. For those who aren’t sure wtf a mantra is, it’s a word or phrase that you constantly repeat to yourself when you feel that bish creeping up on you. When my anxiety was at an all time high I started saying to myself “This too shall pass”, if were being honest I saw this tattooed on some 30 – something year old male written in cursive and I couldn’t help but be like holy shit this is exactly what I needed. Realizing that this particular moment, just like every other moment in your life, will soon be over is actually pretty powerful. Try coming up with your own!

2. Remember – We all die. lol.

Time waits for nobody. This scares the absolute shit out of me. When you feel yourself backing out of something because of your anxiety try remembering that. Are you really going to let yourself miss out on what could be an opportunity of a lifetime because you don’t know how it could play out? That my friend, is your brain trying to keep you safe because it thinks you’re about to get eaten by a some prehistoric beast. (Think fight or flight mode) Don’t let time pass you you by, let this be your driving factor! You only live life once, don’t forget.

3. Journal (duh)

I can’t even think about where I would be if I didn’t take on journaling. Each morning I do this exercise called “brain dump” where you literally whip out your over priced journal, start writing for 2-3 whole pages until you just can’t anymore. Write down every little thing you feel the moment you wake up and get it off your chest. Getting all of this on paper gives it substance. It also makes it seem way less scary. Why do it first thing in the AM? Well you definitely don’t want to carry this around all day. We’ve got shit to do.

Ps. I know we don’t always carry wads of paper around but like, you always have your phone. If your not home use that notes app!

4. Use Your 5 Senses

Whether you have all 5, or just 4 this is something everyone can do and you don’t even need some fancy tool to do it. Say you’re sitting down waiting for a plane (idk about you but they always make me anxious) crazy thoughts start flooding in your head and you feel yourself internally freaking tf out. Start by listening to everything around you, really listen for everything in the room. Then, what do you see? Taste? Feel? Smell? (I hope that’s all of them or I will be embarrassed) doing this really grounds you to your own body. Takes your mind off everything for just 1 minute to bring you back to your breath.

5. EFT Tapping

For all you black magic witches out there this ones for you. Not for the faint of heart or non-believers, EFT tapping is type of tapping that causes built up emotional pressure to finally be released from specific areas in the body that hold tension. It sounds sort of crazy but I literally used this the day prior to and the morning before getting some needles (my actual phobia) and I swear it made a bit of a difference. Go in with an open mind or you will think it’s stupid. Try googling it, it’s like backed up by science n shit.

So these are 5 little tips I’ve used recently to really help me get over my own thoughts. I always tell myself to look 1 week into the future, start picturing what your life would be like after you’ve already done what you need to do. Be gentle with yourself, and really take in that the reason you’re anxious is because you’re about to do something courageous and new. Be proud of yourself for that. You got this. Remember, a little bit of anxiety is a good thing. Without it we would run into traffic, touch flames, and god knows what else.

One thought on “5 Tips to Get Rid of Everyday Anxiety.

  1. I love this! FYI if you’re looking for adorable journals for a low price, TJ Maxx is a lifesaver. 😉 Also, the five senses trick is super helpful! I’ve never heard of EFT tapping. I must look into it!
    “This too shall pass” is a great quote. I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even moments like that one (too cliche?..whoops) Anyways, thanks for a great post! Blessings!


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