I read a post the other day all on how our generation just HAS to find our passion, like RIGHT NOW. I mean I know I’m not one to talk I literally just moved across the world but I never thought of it from this perspective. You know that pressure to get a corporate job right out of university? Well this is the kind of pressure to just drop that job and become a 6 figure entrepreneur while maintaining your health, relationships and social life? Both are shitty.

Nowadays it seems like if you’re not out chasing your dreams, moving across the world, being your own boss well then you’re doing something wrong. There’s this major pressure in society now that you HAVE to chase your dreams, and that the ones you have aren’t big enough. You HAVE to be a mega successful person to feel happy. Like is there no in between?! Some people want to be teachers and dentists and there is literally nothing wrong with that. It’s amazing if that’s what you want to do.

I would have loved to walk into my office job and quit on the spot but this isn’t the Mindy project people, it’s real life – I hate to remind you but we have bills to pay. I knew that I wanted my life to be more than sitting in that cubicle, but I had to come up with a plan first. I had to figure out how I could still accomplish my goal while still making an income/staying afloat. This took a lot of time. I continued to work for 7 MONTHS after I figured out that I wanted to move, of course I didn’t want to but this just goes to show that things take time. You don’t have to figure out everything tonight. I know for me I always get super motivated for a couple days and then start freaking tf out because I feel the pressure to know everything that very day, then I just end up giving up 2 weeks later and dropping it all together (it’s a vicious cycle I’ll tell ya) because I overwhelmed myself with unrealistic goals. Example: “Why don’t I have brands reaching out to me after 1 month of posts :(” LOL. With everything I’ve ever done in life, I always quit because I didn’t see my “end result” at the end of 2 months. When in reality, things take YEARS this right here is why we have to start enjoying the journey of it!

I swear I’m taking it day by day, every morning I set an intention to practice patience because anyone who knows me knows I have 0. I’m literally one of those girls who power walk everywhere because why waste time getting to your destination? You do not have to have everything figured out right away. Start asking yourself what feels good, start making minor changes – even just a simple google search is one step forward. I have to tell myself this every single day – things do not just happen overnight (no matter how much you want them to) The universe only gives you what you can handle. Could you imagine if you woke up tomorrow with millions of dollars and 3 Million followers? As amazing as we think that sounds, really stop and think about it…we would have no freaking CLUE what to do with it? Like actually it’s funny to think of it that way. If I woke up with 3 million followers I would probably lose them all because I have no idea how to handle that many people – pretty sure my website crashes over like 5000. So my advice, try setting some realistic goals – if you’re looking to get in shape, look up a workout class near you and even better, sign up. If you’re looking to start a blog – figure out what you love writing about, do that google search on how to set it up and just start. I’ve finally realized that I can’t compare my chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10 because I wouldn’t be ready for that. I’m really trying to work on enjoying the journey everyday, it’s sooo hard – probably my biggest setback, but I’m trying. I don’t want to be in such a rush to finish my life, I mean we only have 1.

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