My One and Only Morning Skincare Routine You Can Do in Under 5.

Well we can’t have one without the other now can we. If you can believe it my morning skincare routine is even LESS exhilarating than my nighttime one and that’s saying a lot, but it is a tad more expensive than my nighttime, its called balance ok. If you missed my night time routine post, I talked about the simplicity that is my skincare routine. There’s no $150 eye cream and I’ve never had my own blood taken out of my arm + put on my face (I know you saw that episode of the Kardashians) I just use products that I like. I have extremely sensitive skin – no glitter and little scent, so if something has too many additives in it I will break tf out. Aveeno gives me a rash (sorry Jennifer Aniston, I know you don’t actually use it)

If you want to skip right to the products click HERE. But if you want to stay for the show keep on scrolling.

  1. W.A.T.E.R

I know, its annoying guys and I’ve even been reading articles that say water doesn’t have anything to do with skin which I just find hard to believe. Back in the day they didn’t have crazy 12 step skincare routines that include sitting in an oxygen tent (I know you saw that episode too) they had the bare minimums – water and plants. I’m a firm believer that good skin comes from the inside out. Have you ever gone out the night before, drank 3 margs + 4 gin/sodas and looked in the mirror the next morning? Your lips are shrivelled, the bags are huge and where did those 3 pimples come from? It’s because of how dehydrated your body is from all that alcohol. Seriously the price we pay for ‘fun’ is getting ridiculous.

2. Vitamin C Serum

After I wake up, I immediately splash my face with cold water to wake me up. The night before I wiped/exfoliated/toned so I don’t do a deep wash in the AM we don’t want to irritate it. Next, I take my Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum out of the fridge because it keeps it nice and fresh. I apply it all over my face + neck. Vitamin C brightens up the face and really evens out the skin tone which was one of my biggest issues, I’ve definitely noticed a difference using this product. But the price is downright insanity. Not worth it in my opinion.

3. Jade Roller

I will preach this in my grave. Next, I take my jade roller out of the freezer and roll it UP my neck and UP my face. I posted an embarrassing video to my IGTV showing you exactly how to do it. No excuses.

Click here to buy off amazon.

4. Gel Moisturize

I use this lighter gel moisturizer for 2 reasons. First, its anti-polluting which means it helps all the pollution from going into your skin. Pollution from the environment, UV, technology, etc. Secondly, the gel is lighter on my skin, I don’t like walking around all day with a wet face from a heavy moisturizer. Not a cute kind of glow. Plus (I guess this makes it 3 reasons) I wear light makeup during the day so I don’t want to feel like a cake face.

Click here to buy.

There we go folks. Short & sweet. I’ve been really interesting in finding non-toxic, affordable beauty brands so if you know of any please comment below or send me a DM.

And don’t forget, thoughts are energy. Use them wisely.


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