The Power of Your Own Words.

Have you ever felt like you’re completely working your ass off for something and months fly by and you still feel like you’ve made NO progress. Story of my life.

You’re doing your morning routine, you’re drinking your lemon water, going to spin 3 times a week, juicing whatever vegetable is in right now…you feel like you’re doing all the right things, yet you still feel like you’re at a stand still. After some hardcore journaling and endless podcasts it hit me, it was all my fault. I was the one in my own head constantly bringing myself down, even when I didn’t realize it – I thought that I was doing everything right but I let one small thing get past me. Let’s look at some examples of how us typical gals start our day: “I literally hate my job.”, or “I’m so bad with money, I’m always broke” and my personal favourite – “I look fat”. If any of these sound familiar than keep on reading, if not well congrats you’re one of the few.

When you constantly talk badly about yourself, it shows. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not real, all it knows is that you’re having a thought. So when you keep telling yourself how fat you are, do you really think you’re ever going to see a change in your body? When you keep telling yourself every morning how much you hate your job it’s what you start to focus on, and when you focus on something you just attract more of it whether it’s negative or positive….you know that old trick where I tell you not to think of a pink elephant and holy shit you just thought of a pink elephant. That’s what I’m talking about.

So, I’ve started watching how I’m wording things, because whatever you think – you attract. Call me whatever you want but I swear it’s so true. Instead of the “I can’t” start saying you can. Instead of saying how broke you are, start saying “I am great with my money” and just see what happens.

Have you ever just looked at your body and for once said how much you loved it? I never did. Do I have my dream body now? No I don’t, but I’ve realized that calling myself fat for 10 years hasn’t been getting me anywhere either. I know it sounds like it won’t work but it really is that simple, it won’t happen overnight, remember you’ve been talking badly to yourself for most likely a decade so it’s going to take some time but a starts a start. Watch how you speak to yourself, it matters. Your mind can find bad in anything, and it will if you let it – so start speaking more positively and you’d be surprised at just how different your day will look.

I stuck little post it notes in my bathroom, on my doors, in my kitchen that are all little positive statements I should think more often. Of course it’s not aesthetically pleasing and they always fall down after 1 day but it does the trick so fuck it. In my morning routine I started writing “I am” statements…at first you’ll feel super cringey I know but after a few tries you’ll be addicted. I can’t not write them anymore. Let’s give you some examples: Since I started teaching (with no teaching experience lol) every morning I write “I am an amazing teacher”, and 2 weeks have gone by and things have been going pretty smoothly. Remember, your mind has no idea that you’re not actually a 7 figure entrepreneur who owns their own fashion line so why not just start telling it whatever you want to be. Imagine if that was your end goal, and every morning you wrote “I am a 7 figure entrepreneur who owns their own fashion line” I wonder what would happen? I’m sure a hell of a lot more than you constantly telling yourself that you suck and it could never happen and whatever other lame excuses we’ve cooked up inside our head. When you begin writing like you’re that person, you’ll slowly start showing up as that person.

Write whatever you want to be, you get to create your entire identity with these statements and it’s actually kind of fun…always think you’re unlucky? Start writing “I am a lucky person, so many good things happen to me.” Want to attract more money? Start writing “I have $10,000 in my bank account.” Whatever you want to be start writing like you’re already that person. The key is consistency and patience. So go ahead and give it a try, I mean you literally have nothing to lose lol. It’s like scientifically proven that we’re all made up of atoms and like attracts like, so don’t knock it till you try it.

Does this make sense? I really hope so cause I sort of just rambled, and I like never edit these.

If your more interested in this topic I highly recommend listening to the manifestation babe’s podcast and/or reading The Secret.

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