Current Workouts.

I have officially cancelled my gym membership which is actually pretty crazy. But after years of searching for my preferred workout schedule I have finally found it and it doesn’t include a gym. Thank god. I think that I have attempted every single kind of workout available to the public and each time I get committed for a couple of months then I find myself DREADING going to workout. “Guys! Zumba was actually so fun you should come next time!” *never goes again*. I used to only do cardio (I mean who hasn’t gone through this phase), then I moved to lifting weights (to an extent people) which I liked for a while but then I found myself making up every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t go to the gym that day or I would waste 25-30 minutes of my time wondering what machine I was going to attempt next. I finally thought to myself, how nice would it be to like your work out, and I mean actually like it. Wouldn’t that be nice. I wanted something that was high intensity but also controlled, mindful yet pushed me, great energy but not too much where I felt like I might pass away. Too much to ask?

I have finally found a workout schedule that works best for me and here I am, sharing it with you guys. I will start off by saying when it comes to some of these classes, yes they are expensive but if you can go out and spend minimum $100 a month on liquor you can cough off that same money for something that’s going to actually benefit you. Invest in yourself people you can’t go wrong!!! Trade in like 2 nights a month that’s all we’re talking here.

Another amazing thing about attending these classes is you can pick and choose which works best for your schedule, also when you sign up and decide last minute you want to bail they’ll make you feel like even more of an asshole and charge you – so don’t go back on your word. I personally love planning my week ahead of time and picking 4-5 classes all depending on my ~vibe~ because let’s be real you won’t feel like doing a HIIT class every single day, change it up. Planning these classes in the evenings really helps me end the day on a good note, I’ll snack less at night and have an amazing sleep. If I haven’t convinced you yet then I probably won’t be able to.

Ps. A lot of these places have specials on for new riders/summer/etc. Make sure you do you research first before you pay $200 for hot yoga when you aren’t even sure if you like yoga.

  1. Spinco

Honestly not just a workout a fcking life changer. Although it’s obviously a physical workout, the mental workout you get from going here is why I enjoy it. If you’re stuck in a place where you constantly feel unmotivated and lazy this is for you. The energy here is ridiculous, I personally enjoy booking this Saturday morning to start my weekend off right and Monday evening after work at 5:30 to set the tone for my week.

2. Modo Yoga

Not just hot yoga but pilates, HIIT and Barre classes. This place is amazing, not to mention everyone who works there is so sweet. For those of you who think that yoga isn’t a real workout I get it, I was in that mindset too but I have never left a workout feeling more lean (and sweaty) than the 60 minute hot yoga sesh they have there. They offer a $40 unlimited intro month package that I highly suggest if you’re into this post at all. I like doing yoga at least 2-3 times a week, if you find yourself constantly stressed out and “like you don’t have time to workout” this is for you. Being mindful about your movements and focusing on yourself for an hour is exactly what you need. Also a plus, small class sizes where the teacher actually walks around and helps you. Bless their souls.

So we get the idea, classes are great I’m sure you all probably knew that but have you guys gone for a long walk lately? I feel like we all forget just how great walking is for you, I know personally I always felt like if my workout didn’t include 3 different sets of weights, a band and an exercise ball then it wasn’t benefiting me. I was wrong. Throw in those earphones already and get your ass out the door.

I’ve linked their sites in the header if you can’t tell. Try it out with a friend, its a workout class you literally have nothing to lose.

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