Yes, More Recipes.

A few people have been asking about some of my go to healthy recipes so why not give this a try. I will first off stating that Pinterest takes all the credit so if you’re super interested follow me HERE. Here are some of my go to’s on a weekly basis. (Side note: They aren’t made with a bunch of random things you can only get off amazon, they are pretty basic, you can get it all at SuperStore or Sobey’s if you like going in there. Enjoy!


1/4 Cup Walnuts or Brazil Nuts – Great for the brain + keep you full. Win Win.

3/4 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt W/ 1/2 Cup Blueberries (I use frozen because it’s called budgeting) also a side note on yogurt, when I first had plain greek yogurt I yelled at whoever bought it for making me think it was vanilla. It was disgusting. NOW, after realizing the amount of hidden sugar that is in flavoured yogurt makes me want to gag. That is how they get you, you think your being healthy until you realize your lime yogurt has 10 grams of sugar vs plain has around 5 grams. WATCH YOUR SUGAR, little tip: if your sugar is higher than your protein on the nutrition label there’s an issue.

3/4 Cup Cottage Cheese W/ Blueberries and Cinnamon (try and watch out for the sodium in cottage cheese, it can go up to 450mg which is pretty insane – look for low sodium which is 50mg)

3 TBSP Chia Seeds, 1/2 Cup Blueberries, Cinnamon (can you tell I like this combo?) 1/2 Cup Unsweetened coconut milk (or any dairy free milk, been loving cashew milk btw) let this sit overnight or even an hour and it turns into a delicious pudding. You can really top this with whatever you please. I swapped this for oatmeal.

2 TBSP Raw Almond Butter + 2 Carrot’s Chopped up. Okay sounds super weird but this is a judge free place so GTFO if otherwise. Some day’s when I’m not really feeling an apple (days I want to eat less sugar) I’ll swap my apple for some carrots, I will say a bag of carrots is literally $2 and goes a looong way. They last me a little over a week and thats if I’m eating them everyday. If you get over the fact you’re eating a carrot with almond butter it makes a great filling snack. Sometimes we just need that crunch.


Recently switched up my breakfast, I used to start my day off with a bulletproof coffee but I’ve decided to lay off the caffeine for a while. So I’ve been drinking lots of water, green/blueberry tea to compensate.

1 Small Green Apple + 1/2 Cup Blueberries + 1 TBSP Flax Seeds + 1 TBSP Hemp Hearts + 1 TBSP Lemon Juice + Cinnamon = the most refreshing breakfast filled with lots of fibre and no weird stuff. Fibre will get your digestion system back on track in no time.

2 Boiled Eggs + 1/2 Avocado + Some Red onion = If I’m feeling more savoury my go to is boiled eggs, even though I hate those 2 word together, there’s just something super unappetizing about “boiled eggs”. But hey, they also make a great quick snack.


Because of the way my work schedule/fasting is, I don’t typically eat lunch until like 3:30-4 PM. I love a good hearty salad for lunch, and I don’t mean a little old plain jane salad made with iceburg lettuce and cucumber like the supermodels ate in the 90’s I mean a giant bowl filled with every veggie you can think of, a shit ton of protein and an olive oil based dressing to keep you nice and full.

Since I basically eat the same thing for lunch every single day and never get sick of it, I’ll list the veggies I always use. Switching up your protein is a nice way to shake up your day. Isn’t it the best feeling to be excited about the lunch you packed? “Today I packed 2 boiled eggs AND I included hemp hearts?! What a time to be alive.”


Kale, Arugula, Spinach – Basically any leafy greens are amazing for you.

Cucumber, Red onion, cherry tomatoes (not all the time, gotta be in a mood), sprouts, jalepenos (add a great kick if you like spicy things), green olives, artichokes…..there’s a lot more than I thought maybe just hit up the produce section and see what you like.


1/2 Baked Chicken Breast, Salmon, Canned Tuna, etc.


1 TBSP Olive Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar + Dijon Mustard = SO GOOD. If you don’t make your own dressings this is probably one of the major reasons you’re not seeing any change if you’re consistently making/eating your own salads. Most off the shelf dressings are packed with processed oils, corn syrup and a lot of crap that just shouldn’t be there.


If I’m not basically eating another hearty salad for dinner – which if you’re wondering, no I don’t get sick of them. There’s so many ways to change them up and make them different and fun (sorry I know most don’t think salad making is fun but I do, who have I become).

Another go to meal of mine is roasted veggies + protein. Roasting broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, brussel sprouts or asparagus is like THE best. Either on their own or tossed on a bed of greens they really are a game changer for your meals. In my opinion (whatever that means) this is the best way to eat your veggies. So delicious and still keeping all the nutrients.


Another personal fave of mine is making soups. Make sure you have a good blender for the tomato one or it won’t be as creamy.

Here’s the link to the best tomato soup you will ever make. Instead of the cream I used canned coconut milk and it makes it soooo creamy + dairy free. Your stomachs and your roomies will love you.

What I’ve been doing this week since I got back from vacation is having a lighter dinner. No I’m not starving myself, annoying that I even have to state that but anyway – I made a bone broth soup with minimal veggies.

I sautéed some onion and carrots, threw them in some pre-frozen bone broth from Pete’s. I tossed in some kale and radish, seasoned with salt and pepper and boom. Super simple recipe for when you’re not feeling like anything too heavy.

DESSERT: (oh yes, dessert)

Probably one of my favourite things in the world is guilt free desserts and I don’t want to start any drama by saying guilt free and all food is food BS because there is a difference between a homemade granola bar with organic, whole ingredients and a store bought cake full of processed oils and sugar. Don’t fight me on this one. I love a good homemade dessert don’t get me wrong but you just can’t eat that every night, I’m talking about that after dinner 8:30 PM sweet tooth that rolls around that you just can’t fight.

Heat up 2 TBSP of coconut oil + 2 TBSP of Raw Almond Butter + 2 TBSP Raw Honey and add whatever nuts/seeds you desire + 85% Dark chocolate Chunks. Once you get it to a nice, thick texture put it in a baking pan and throw it in the freezer. SO GOOD.

I just followed this recipe here but added whatever I wanted, minus the monkfruit because what even is that and also cut out the egg because I didn’t feel like I needed it.

This definitely isn’t the most interesting post but feel free to try out any of these snacks/meals, this is basically a day in the life of what comes in and out. (#TMI)

The one thing I will add is that eating can be f*cking confusing and social media definitely does not help. I probably don’t help much either let’s be real but I will say, is I’ve done quite a bit of research on what I believe is the best diet for me. I’ve been eating like this for 5 months now and have truly never felt better. I read a lot of Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Will Cole and Max Lugavere, all professionals who I truly believe in when it comes to their take on health and wellness (all backed up by scientific facts btw) I’ve attached an amazon link to their books below if you’re looking to do some of your own research:

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