Oh, Alcohol.

This post is a pretty crazy one for me, I would love to point out that it’s coming from a completely non-judgmental place, more so out of a place of curiosity. If anyone remotely knows me they know damn well I enjoy a good night out so let’s begin.

When it came to drinking I never really thought twice about it I mean why would I, we’ve basically been told since we were young it’s something that just comes naturally with age. I genuinely lived for the weekends, going out with friends, and seeing who could come back with the craziest story thing was the complete norm (yes that hole is going to look SO good there we should definitely kick in the wall!) We would all have that same conversation with friends: **Drunk girl voice** “Isn’t it like so weird that this liquid can make you act that way!” Yes, yes it is. The whole idea of alcohol has always boggled my mind and I’ve never really given it much thought until now, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that maybe it’s just not really for me anymore. (I know everyone I’ve met drunk in a bathroom last month is very confused) Yes, I still like to have fun and yes, I do like letting loose every once in a while with friends I’m not a total outcast..yet. Please don’t get me wrong, in no way shape or form am I looking down on anyone for drinking I still drink (more than I should) I’ve recently started to change my relationship with it and really start thinking about why I feel like I need it to have fun. As sad as it is I can’t get to where I want to be mentally & physically when I’m consuming on average 20 shots per weekend. It just doesn’t work. But the part I hate most is the fact that I feel embarrassed and awkward about stating this out loud.

I mean we all know it has 0 nutritional value (even that 1 glass of red wine guys don’t kid yourself), it makes you gain weight, your skin suck and basically ruins all relationships. Think of any fight or argument you’ve had with a boyfriend or girlfriend, I mean for me personally it’s the only time I get into arguments (love you Chase!). I really don’t want to be this anti-alcohol advocate, because I’m not at all. I’m just so curious as to why our entire society revolves around it and why we’ve been taught that you have to do it. I’m not saying I’m a full blown alcoholic, of course I’m not but we correlate it with everything, and I mean everything: celebration = champagne, going through a break up = rum, the thermometer going into double digits = anything with a percentage higher than 4. Literally everything is a reason to drink. For the longest time I was all about that, you know those butterflies you’d get when you’re around someone you like? Yeah, that’s what I would get knowing I was about to go get completely f’d up. After leaving university I reached a point where I started hating how awful I was feeling all the time, the anxiety was brutal and I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after taking just 1 weekend off, if I feel this amazing after just 1 weekend off, imagine 3, or 4? I have never taken that much time away from alcohol and it made me sad that I have no idea what it’s like to feel my very best….what if you just don’t feel like drinking? You know god forbid someone doesn’t feel like going out on the weekend it’s like the entire world is ending and they get interrogated like they’re on trial for murder. Our entire culture is revolved around this liquid that makes us basically do stupid shit + gain weight, yet the amount of pressure that is on us, both men and women, to have perfect skin, shiny hair, the leanest body, eat only organic, be kind to everyone, basically be a walking ray of sunshine is at an all time high. Have you ever tried holding a conversation with anyone hungover? It’s basically the worst thing ever. Like, our entire world revolves around looking and acting “perfect” on social media, yet it also revolves around partying 3 times a week? Pretty contradicting if you ask me. The only way to obtain any of these results is by literally cutting out alcohol. They have set us up for failure. Damn you!!!

I’m not saying I’m never going to drink again, because I most definitely am, I just don’t want my life to revolve around going out. I also want to have it out there that you’re not a bad person for not wanting to drink. We’ve been taught from the beginning that once you reach a certain age, you have to drink, starting in Jr. high when you try your first sip of alcohol and it tastes like someone poured acid down your throat but not to worry because now you’re considered cool. I mean what’s better than getting blackout in your older sister’s friends backyard. So I get it, it’s going to take some time to adapt to the whole lifestyle change.

The main takeaway from this post isn’t to make anyone feel guilty for drinking or think that alcohol is the devil of course it’s not. The main takeaway is why am I acting embarrassed if I tell someone I’m not drinking for a couple weeks? Why do I have to validate it? Why do I have to come up with 30 excuses that are hiding what I actually think? I mean why do I have to hide the fact that I want to look and feel my very best? Just an interesting concept to me. I honestly think that’s why my sober months never last longer than 3 weeks – because I’m acting like I’m depriving my body and life of fun when I really need to act like I’m doing myself a favour. All in all, it’s a major work in progress. This has been something I’ve been struggling with for a little while now so I thought I would share, at the end of the day do exactly what you want to do, but do it with some common sense.

If any of you are at this weird point in your life where you’re starting to think twice about drinking every weekend, you’re nervous about how it may effect your relationships with friends, etc. My one piece of advice, if you can’t hangout with a friend without getting drunk, it’s time to reevaluate that friendship, you’re not being your true self when you’re drunk and if you feel like you have to have a few drinks to hangout with someone why would you waste your time? You obviously don’t click.

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