Why Going to Bed at 10PM is the Shit.

Did you try setting your alarm an hour earlier, you couldn’t get up and you’re wondering wtf you did wrong because hey, the intention was there and you spent 10 minutes of your precious time reading my mediocre post on a morning routine the night before and decided right then and there you’re going to try a morning routine and now you’re mad at me because a) your tired and b) what the hell do I know.

You didn’t really think you were going to be able to get up an hour earlier without going to bed an hour earlier did you? Don’t you just love being an adult! This lil post is allll about a nightly routine + why sleep is basically in the top 3 when it comes to improving your health and your overall ~ViBe~.

Again, I was pretty lucky when it came to bed time, I would typically stay up anywhere from 11-12 on your average weeknight. Nothing to insane like some of you weirdos who stay up until 2-3 AM. (I’m looking right at you Becky) You can use all the excuses in the book, my personal fave: “I’m just a night owl!” (whatever that means?) but we ALL know, whether we like to admit it or not, that staying up until 2 AM during the week and having to wake up at 7-8 AM or whenever you get up to go to work or school or where ever will.not.work. Being tired when you wake up is like the absolute worst thing ever and being tired throughout the day, now that’s just absurd. On Monday we dove into what a morning routine looks like, and today we’re going to be chatting all about a nightly one, it just seemed fitting for a dark and dreary Wednesday evening.

When I first started getting up and performing what sort of felt like some satanic ritual, I was exhausted. At first I thought it had everything to do with my body not adjusting to getting up at this ungodly hour (officially waking up at 6:15AM – love/hate how I’m so excited about this) but then I thought, it’s been 1 week why am I not getting tf up, I mean my alarm would go off and I physically could not move…wouldn’t it be so nice if there was a way to wake up like…not tired? *Lightbulb goes off in my head*. I mean who would have ever thought that going to bed earlier would make the difference that it did, because (no surprise) it worked! Pretty damn well too.

It’s just common sense. You want to wake up earlier and use your mornings when your brain and body are at its peak, you have to get your ass to bed an hour earlier. Of course, with any change in habit it takes some time for your body to adjust, when I first made my “lights out at 10 PM rule” I sort of just laid there for the first hour wondering why I was doing this to myself but after just a couple nights, and now weeks it’s become a habit. Clock strikes 9:30 PM and I’ve got my PJ’s on, book in hand, feelin like a grandma. Nothing wrong with that. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re working out, eating clean, and STILL not seeing a change, have you ever looked at your sleeping schedule? The later it gets in the day, the more interactions you have. The more interactions you have the more decisions you make. The more decisions you make the more tired you get. The more tired you get the less effort you put into your decisions. It’s called decision fatigue and it’s a real thing people. Ever thought about why the moment it hits 11 PM you’re in the kitchen looking in every crevasse there is to see what amazing snack has just magically appeared. Why isn’t there a DQ blizzard in my freezer the 6th time I checked šŸ˜¦ Personally, it felt like after 11 PM calories just didn’t count. I seriously could validate this in my head, no joke. Unfortunately, the laws of nutrition do not work this way, and the one thing that has seriously curved my late night boredom snacking is just going to sleep. And for all you knit pickers out there who are reading this saying “Omg she’s telling us to go to bed while we starve ourselves!” Grow up. We both know that’s not what I’m saying, that my friend is stupidity while this is common sense. We all know the difference between hunger and boredom we just hate to admit it because it’s our way of accepting the fact we ate an extra 600 cals.

If preventing weight gain, being in a much better mood, glowing skin and idk…repairing every single cell/nerve/organ in your body isn’t reason enough for you, sleeping has a ton of other benefits. Feel free to google the shit out of them. It is crucial that we let our bodies rest after all the hard work we put in all day. I mean duh!!! Look at how much we charge our phones, now think of a human body. You’re recharging your own battery so you can be 100%!! Corny but true. The best feeling in the world is waking up feeling well rested, there is literally nothing better. So why don’t we try and feel like that everyday?! Again, it blows my mind how we always seem to do the things we know are shitty for us and don’t do the things we know are going to make us feel amazing.

Here’s a couple tricks I have up mine (and google’s) sleeve when I’m starting to wind down:

  • TURN THE PHONE OFF 1+ HOURS BEFORE YOU GO TO BED. seriously. Put that shit on airplane mode your needy boyfriend can shove it, this is your time.
  • Spend some time having a conversation with a friend, you know those REAL people in your life you enjoy hanging out with in REAL life.
  • Can’t go wrong with a spa night.
  • Journal, you know how I feel about my journaling.
  • Read. Draw. (Do people draw anymore?)
  • Literally anything else other than being on your phone.

And what if you live with roommates? Don’t worry girls (and guys) I know how hard it is to say no to hanging with the girls. There really is nothing better than getting together, smoking a j and putting on a random Seth Rogen movie and eating 6 kinds of cheeses – I mean sometimes that is a way to unwind but when it’s every night…I hate to be the bear of bad news but it’s just not gunna make you feel any better and we’re all about making progress right!? Save that for another night, remember when I mentioned you gotta put yourself first some times. If they’re your real friends they would totally understand you’re trying to put in an effort to brings some big energy into your everyday life.

I’ve yet to nail this nightly routine, but I’m becoming a master at my morning routine and I’m pretty pumped about it. Like we always say, one thing at a time. What do you guys like to do on a weeknight to unwind that doesn’t involve technology? Would love some new ideas.

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