There is only one thing in this world that you can’t buy and you can’t get back and that is (dun dun dunnnn) time. There’s really only one thing that can terrify me to the core and that is time, or should I say lack there of. It really is so precious and I will be the first person to raise their hand when I say that I’ve been taking it for granted for like everrrrrr. When you really stop and think about the fact that your time on this earth will come to an end, whether you’re ready or not, and that it’s inevitable it can either get the best of you or absolutely fuel you and for me it does a little bit of both.

Up until a couple months ago I was one to live for the weekends. Monday through Thursday were always a blur and when Friday came I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I started getting so frustrated with my life, why am I wasting away 4/7 days of my week waiting to get drunk is this really as good as it’s going to get?! I started feeling really down on myself, knowing that I could do so much more. A few months back when I started this journey I had no idea how eye opening it was going to be, I truly feel like an entirely different human. I genuinely love Monday’s because it’s the beginning of a new week and a new start. I know, I used to hate people like this too.

So many of us go through our days running on autopilot. If you don’t know what it means let me explain. Running on autopilot means that each day you sort of go through life letting it control you and just reacting to every situation that happens. You’re living in a constant state of anxiety from the future or depression from the past and you forget that the only thing you actually have is this very moment. You have nothing else but this exact moment in time. When you start living in the now instead of the future/past you can gain so much clarity on your life.

How many of you had a shower this morning and didn’t even remember it because you were too busy thinking about something else. Or your last meal, did you even taste your food and actually realize how delicious it was? Or did you spend 15 minutes finding something to watch while you ate, and then not even remember how it tasted. I could go on and on and on about this and I know you’re rolling your eyes but you have got to stop acting like you have a million years to live. You don’t, you’re honestly not even guaranteed another day, so why do we (myself included, I am so guilty of this) act as if we are forced to be living in this mediocre life where we sort of like our jobs, and we can’t really complain because like you’re reading this on a $1000 phone or laptop and if you’re 45 +, an iPad. It’s because we looooove being in our comfort zone, I mean why wouldn’t we. It’s safe, warm, cozy, you have all your friends and your family and life’s not too bad. We wouldn’t dare step out of our comfort zone though, what would people say about you? Will you end up all alone? Will you end up broke, homeless, etc? Who knows. This may be a little dramatic but if it’s scaring you that’s good.

To break everything down a bit more for those of you who just scroll to the bottom for the “conclusion” here’s what you should remember from this. Next time you shower (or do anything) try and be present. For those who don’t really understand what that means it means to live in the moment and take everything in, it could be as simple as walking up the stairs and appreciating that you have all these muscles, nerves, bones that allow you to take each step, it’s acknowledging what’s actually going on while it’s happening. At first you may feel really weird but think about it this way, there’s people who are homeless living on the streets in -25 degree weather right now. Imagine how grateful they would be to take a hot shower and get dressed in warm PJ’s and sleep in a warm bed like you probably are right now. Really, truly take some time and think about how lucky you are to be able to walk to your car every morning or take the bus or whatever the hell you do. Take it allllll in because like we settled on earlier. This moment in time is all that you have, you can’t get it back. Ever.

Take some time today and appreciate that you are living and breathing in this very moment. Take out a pen and paper and think of just 5 things you’re grateful for, and really just feel that gratitude. Don’t worry noone is watching over your shoulder. Making this a habit every morning is an absolute game changer.



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