“So where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

You know THE infamous question. The one we all dread answering going into any interview ever. I feel like we may be similar people, because why else would you be reading this? This question makes you extremely nervous, sweaty palms, that awkward laugh….”haha”.

So why is it that this particular questions makes us so uneasy? Makes us question our entire course of life? Then that little voice in our head is all like “but you may die tomorrow, you should totally move across the country with 0 plan and 0 money it will def work out and solve everything!” cue complete panic mode.

For me, it’s because I’ve felt like I never had the right answer. No matter who was asking me…parents, teachers, professors, interviewers, etc. this was THE question that made me choke. If I don’t tell them exactly what they want to hear will they still like me, will I still get this job?! WTF is that all about. Why is it that every time I was asked this question and wanted to answer with “happy” I had to apologize for being cheesy or cliche. Why is “being promoted” or ” making 6 figures” the only acceptable answers in this day and age. Why is it that people have to apologize for what they are truly feeling?! Why, why, whyyyyyy! So many questions.

One of the life lessons I am learning – slowly but surely. You can move across the globe, become CEO, make 7 figures. But at the end of each day if you’re laying in bed alone whether it’s in friggen Thailand or Halifax, and you don’t love yourself? None of that shit will matter. I feel like it’s hard to believe but think of it this way, think back to any goal in life you’ve ever set. It could literally be learning how to ride your bike as a kid. You thought that the day you learned how to ride that bike, the whole world was going to change. Now let’s fast forward 17 years…no one gives a shit about the bike. At the time you thought that once you learned how to ride that bike, once you reached that goal your life was going to be so different. Slightly disappointed to see how irrelevant that is now, huh?

My point is, until you reach a point of awareness about coming to terms with who you are and loving who and what you are, you will never feel fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for setting big goals but the importance of WHY you are setting those..that’s where all the juicy stuff is.

Ps. Hope you had an amazing Vday spoiling the one n only person who matters the most in this world aka – you. xo.

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