Write it tf down.

Guy’s I cant even begin to tell you all how obsessed I am with journaling. I know I sound so lame but keep reading I promise it will change your life.  From day 1 I’ve always been one that needed to write down my daily activities, having something written down in front of me is not always a constant reminder that you have to do it but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as crossing things off a to do list…I know it can’t be just me that looooves this feeling.

There are SO many benefits to writing down your activities, for me my brain is always going a million different directions and I get so sidetracked by the smallest things it’s actually sort of concerning, think: squirrel. So not only does this help me gather all my thoughts in one place, it helps me prioritize what I need to do. My little tip is putting the easiest thing first, the one that takes the least time. That way when you finish it you get that ~~feeling~~ of crossing it off.  If you start off with your largest task who knows how effing long it’s going to take, what happens if you don’t finish it? or something gets in the way? Then you have NOTHING done. So start off small, it could be as easy as replying to an email or drinking a glass of water, and yes these are all small accomplishments no one said you have to tackle world hunger here. 

If you don’t believe me google the psychological benefits to writing things down. You don’t even need to have some cute $50 Journal to start off, I literally use a piece of loose leaf some days. Even stole a couple Hilroy notebooks from work, which we all know are not cute but they do the trick. 

Honestly try it out, have you ever heard ANYONE say: “Ugh, I shouldn’t have written down my to do list for the day!” Like, imagine someone saying that…????????? 

When I first started journalling I felt like such an idiot. I won’t even lie. I felt like I had nothing to write, I felt as if someone was constantly over my shoulder laughing at every sentence I wrote down, it took me like a week to get out of my comfort zone but seeing your dreams and goals on paper is such a crazy feeling. It makes them REAL. It’s a constant reminder of what you want to work towards, and keeps you on such a great path. I honestly bring my notebook with me everywhere I go now. They all say we have at least 1 million dollar idea in our life, bet you wouldn’t have forgotten it if you had a notebook to write it down in…

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